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DX Cooling System

Design, Installation, commissioning and maintenance of DX Systems (Package Units (PU), packaged split type air-conditioning units, Rooftop packaged units (RTU) central ducted split units, decorative split units, VRV units and Split Type Units (Floor Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Wall Mounted, Exposed Type, Hide-Away Type, Cassette Type) complete with its ducting networks and electrical works.


The DX systems are less expensive to install, and uses less space in mechanical and electrical rooms than centralized cooling systems. The DX systems can be expanded in an incremental fashion to match changing building requirements
The Packaged Systems have standardized operating performances per unit, allowing more precise system sizing
The Packaged Systems generally require less ventilation, and do not require dedicated condensate lines
The Packaged Systems occupy less space than comparable split systems
The Split Systems tend to be larger allowing for fewer units, and therefore less maintenance costs than a comparable Packaged system
The Split Systems have lower noise levels because the compressor unit is located further away from the cooling load area.
The Split Systems may allow vertical duct shafts to be smaller in size.


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