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Ducting And Fabrication

We are specialized in all kind of ducting fabrication services, supply, installation, fabrication and maintenance at any scale of premises. Whether the residential luxury villas or commercial buildings, warehouses, Labour Camp, hotels, schools or office towers, we are specializing in AC duct fabrication and AC duct repairing along with AC duct maintenance.
Our skilled and experienced professionals are well equipment & trained. We deliver the project within contractual time frame. Our AC duct fabrication workshop is having all the required equipment to fabricate ducting according to your needs. We do provide services for latest ducting systems of Pre-insulated (PI) according to your need.
G I Ducting:
It is made by galvanized sheet and wrapped by glass wool and canvas cloth and to bound them glue and forster is used. It is old and still using method. It costs higher than other Pre insulated ducting & it also takes more time to fabricate and install. It is too much heavy too.
P I Ducting:
P I ducting is made by pre insulated sheet. Which is like a sandwich sheet, It is having aluminum sheets from outer side and inside it has insulation to stop heat transfer. It looks nice that is why some persons do not even make ceiling to hide it. This is the modern type of ducts which are normally being used now a day. You can find ducting service in Dubai at its best from us.


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